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Sodick Europe

Need to accelerate production and free up skilled operators from repetitive tasks?

By automating various aspects of machining, such as tool changes, material handling, and quality control, you can achieve streamlined operations that significantly reduce manual labor and human error. Automation enables machines to operate around the clock, maximising uptime and overall throughput. Moreover, this technology optimises your resource usage, increases capacity, and positions manufacturers to remain competitive in today's fast-paced industrial landscape.

Complete products in a single machine and single process.

Every Sodick machine uses our proprietary motion controller technology (K-SMC), which automatically calibrates the spark gap and manages axis movements. This automatic spark gap adjustment significantly reduces delays and energy usage by nearly 20%, resulting in a faster and more precise process.

  • Motion Control
    Our motion controller technology (K-SMC) powers every Sodick machine, automatically regulating the spark gap and managing axe motions. It has been specifically developed to support Sodick linear motor drives.
  • Rigid Linear Motors
    Sodick's unique rigid linear motors provide a faster cutting speed, fewer wire breaks, and no motion loss.

Whether you’re looking for EDM or 3D printing, Sodick offers automated solutions to cater to any manufacturing requirement. Explore our comprehensive range.

Our expert team is ready to guide you in maximising automation benefits for your business. Enquire now for the ideal solution to meet your needs.