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Metal 3D printing can create intricate internal shapes that are tough to replicate using conventional techniques.

Looking to enhance agility, cut costs, and unlock new avenues for innovation?

With additive manufacturing, you can add rapid prototyping to your capabilities, enabling fast and efficient design iterations that ultimately accelerate product development cycles. Gain a competitive edge with the ability to produce complex geometries that traditional methods struggle with. For low-volume production runs, 3D printing eliminates the need for expensive tooling and moulds, reducing upfront costs and allowing for more cost-effective manufacturing.

Simplify the complexities of additive manufacturing with Sodick’s One Process Machining (OPM).

Our 3D printers integrate cutting-edge laser sintering with high-speed milling, meaning you can avoid extensive post-process operations and instead print and finish a product in a single, automated process.

  • Material Recycling System
    Achieve flexible printing with different metals all in one machine. Sodick’s LPM series enables 3D printing with multiple materials thanks to the Material Recycling System. MRS automatically supplies, gathers and sifts powder materials for continuous automatic operation.
  • Conformal Cooling Channels
    Sodick’s 3D printers use conformal cooling channels that closely follow the contours of a component for more efficient and uniform heat transfer, reducing deformation and speeding up cycle times.
  • Integrated Machining & 3D Printing
    Sodick’s OPM metal 3D printers use both conventional machining alongside 3D printing. This allows for uncompromised precision and quality when creating complex shapes.
  • Stress Relief Technology
    SRT is a cutting-edge solution that effectively balances stress within the printed object through precise control over its expansion during manufacturing. It is suitable for applications involving 420 stainless steel for plastic mould materials and powder "SVM" for die casting dies. SRT increases accuracy and enhances hardness levels to an impressive HRC53.
  • Parallel Mode Function
    While traditional additive manufacturing sees a laser working on one specific area at a time, Sodick’s LPM series directs the laser to multiple areas simultaneously. As a result, many parts or structures can be printed concurrently, considerably reducing overall printing time.

Upgrade your additive manufacturing processes and explore Sodick’s full line of reliable 3D printing machines.

Our experts are always on hand to help you choose the metal 3D printer best suited to your needs. Get in touch today to find your new Sodick machine.

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