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At the EMO exhibition from the 18th to 23 September, Sodick Europe will be presenting a complete armoury of EDM innovations that will include wire, die sink and hole drilling EDM advancements along with a host of linear technology. Among the innovations to be presented on Stand C66 in Hall 6 at EMO Hannover, there will be two brand new machines, the ALC600P iGroove+ EDM with an ingenious new wire rotation mechanism and the new VN400Q wire EDM.

Both machines from Sodick Europe incorporate a raft of technology advancements such as new energy-saving pumps that help address industry-wide concerns regarding energy consumption and its associated costs. The next generation of machines also reduce the long-term environmental impact and carbon footprint of businesses. At EMO, Sodick will have no fewer than 10 machines on its stand with the 40th Anniversary Limited Edition ‘Black’ models certain to take centre stage.

One machine that will undoubtedly draw the crowds will be the new ALC600P iGroove+ Black Edition Anniversary Model. This new wire EDM machine will introduce the groundbreaking wire rotation mechanism from Sodick. Setting the standard at EMO, the patented wire rotation mechanism on the ALC600P iGroove+ enables the machine to skim-cut the workpiece with the unused surface of the wire. This significantly reduces wire consumption and provides a cost-effective solution for precision machining by combining improved cutting efficiency and reduced wire wear. Furthermore, the new technology improves the geometric accuracy and surface finish of components. By distributing wear evenly across the wire, the mechanism minimises wire consumption and prolongs the life of the wire, reducing operational costs whilst reducing wire vibration to generate a platform more stable and quieter than ever before.

As the epitome of high-end EDM, the new ALC600P iGroove+ also incorporates a host of new technologies that EMO visitors will also see on other new machines on Stand C66. This will include the integration of a new energy-saving pump system that is integrated into the dielectric tank and an intelligent monitoring circuit that monitors the vertical flushing flow rate. The combination translates into energy consumption efficiencies upward of 20% for businesses investing in the ALC series. It optimises the pump drive energy for flushing, further contributing to energy savings even when in standby mode.

Alongside the new ALC600P iGroove+ and presented as part of the 40th Anniversary Limited Edition ‘Black’ model of machines will be the AP30L and AP250L wire EDM machines that feature Sodick’s linear motor technology. The AP Series is Sodick’s line of high-precision wire EDM machines that are available as oil or water dielectric machines that introduce Sodick’s new Eco-Cut O technology on the oil dielectric model. Using oil-based technology, the AP250L can machine carbide and eliminate cobalt depletion.  

With the demand for automation increasing, Sodick will demonstrate how easy it is to automate EDM technology by integrating an Erowa robot loading system with its AL60G at EMO. Shown for the first time at EMO, the high-end linear motor drive die-sinking machine will demonstrate how its next-generation SP controller seamlessly links with the Erowa robotic loading system to deliver unprecedented levels of productivity through prolonged unmanned production. Another machine from the ‘premium’ product stable to make its debut appearance at EMO will be the K4HL EDM drilling machine.  

Complementing the smaller AL60G and K4HL premium machines will be the larger AL80G and ALC600GH which will both be making EMO debut appearances alongside the ALC800GH. The ALC600GH and ALC800GH are two rigid linear motor driven wire EDM machines that are making a huge impact in the industry. Launched last year, the ALC600GH has witnessed unprecedented demand since its market introduction, so it will certainly be attracting the crowds as it makes its first-time appearance at EMO. Likewise, the ALC800GH stands out as a unique model with a limited number of competitors offering machines with a comparable Z stroke.  

Alongside the premium brand EDM technology that Sodick is renowned for, the company will also be presenting an enhanced range of standard EDM models. Making its European exhibition debut at EMO is the new facelift version of the Sodick AD35L die sink EDM machine. With a 10-year warranty on positional accuracy, linear motors on the X, Y and Z-axes, ceramic components to improve performance and longevity, linear motor and dielectric fluid cooling units and much more – the AD35L is the perfect combination of performance and productivity in an entry-level machine.

The final machine from the standard portfolio that will appeal to manufacturers taking their first steps into EDM is the new VN400Q. A brand-new machine making its European exhibition premiere at EMO, the new Sodick VN400Q Series of linear motor-driven wire-cut EDM machines is a high-quality enhanced standard series EDM machine that drastically reduces power consumption and operational costs for end users.

The new VN400Q can deliver an astonishing 20% decrease in power consumption when compared to standard models and with energy prices at record levels, the new technology incorporated into the new VN Series is a timely welcome for manufacturers. The new VN400Q introduces a newly developed energy-saving pump that is integrated into the dielectric tank to significantly reduce energy consumption during machining. The new arrival also has an Intelligent Monitoring Circuit to monitor the vertical flushing flow rate to optimise pump drive energy for flushing, further contributing to energy savings. For more details on how Sodick Europe can take your EDM to the next level, please visit us at EMO in Hall 6 on Stand C66.

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