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Sodick Europe

When working with micron-level tolerances, exceptional performance and precision must be a given.

Through the innovative use of robust linear motors and ceramic parts, Sodick technology stands as the ultimate solution for micromachining challenges.

Precision Perfected
Sodick machines redefine precision, crafting intricate and delicate components with microscopic accuracy. Whether you’re working on micro-optics, medical implants, electronics, or beyond, our machines ensure each piece is manufactured to the highest degree of precision, setting a new standard for micro-level manufacturing.

Quality Beyond Measure
Micromachining demands quality that goes above and beyond. Our machines engineer this excellence, consistently producing components with unmatched consistency and reliability. From microfluidic devices to miniature mechanical parts, Sodick machines guarantee quality that aligns seamlessly with the stringent requirements of micromachining.

Optimising Automation
With advanced automation and cutting-edge technology, Sodick machines optimise your micromachining processes, reducing production time and elevating overall efficiency. Whether you’re crafting intricate prototypes or scaling up microfabrication, Sodick technology drives your micro-scale innovations forward.

Surface Finish Excellence
Surface finishes take on heightened importance in micromachining. Sodick machines excel in delivering pristine surface finishes, ensuring that every micro-component is not just functional but also cosmetically superior. Whether it’s micro-geometries or intricate textures, Sodick machines guarantee surface excellence that meets the exacting standards of micromachining.

Adaptability for Micro Versatility
Micromachining spans across industries, from electronics to biotechnology, demanding adaptability alongside precision. Whether you’re delving into microelectronics or pioneering micro-optics, Sodick machines offer the flexibility and innovation needed to excel in the world of miniaturisation.

We have the perfect machine tailored to your micromachining needs. Contact our specialists today to begin your journey.