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Sodick Europe

Sodick offers the possibility to fit additional axes as a factory option. Customers can choose from either Sodick's own developed Rotary Table as an additional single A or B axis or a ITS Technologies Rotary Table as multiple axes for indexing or simultaneous contouring.

The factory option power supply LP20WH (wire EDM) or LN20 (sinker EDM) is required for max simultaneous 8 axes control, which ensures the highest quality of performance.

The capability is available for the following models.

  • VZ300L LN2W (indexing axis only)
  • AQ400L LN2W compact
  • AQ600L LN2W compact
  • AG400L LN2W standard
  • AG400L LP2WH premium
  • AG600L LN2W standard
  • AG600LH LP2WH premium
  • AG600LH LP2WH premium (Z=500mm)
  • AQ750L LP2WH
  • AQ750LH LP2WH premium (Z=600mm)
  • AQ900L LP2WH
  • AQ12000L LP2WH
  • AQ12000LH LP2WH (Z=600mm)
  • AP250L LP2W
  • AG40L LN2
  • AG80L LN2
  • AG100L LN2
  • AQ15L LN2
  • K3HN LK1