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Sodick Europe

In May 2004, Sodick established a new European Headquarters in Coventry, England and Sodick Deutschland GmbH in Germany. In May 2019 the European Headquarters moved to Warwick, England. In Warwick Sodick offers full sales, service and marketing support for the whole European market as well as complete technical and application support for all European dealers. A large showroom is also available. Furthermore Warwick is also the main European hub for all spares and consumables.

The main office of Sodick Deutschland is located in Düsseldorf, which is the part of the Ruhr. The German office also includes a technical centre for European customers. A technical support centre was opened in the Eastern part of Germany in 2006 to cover the rapidly growing demands for EDM machines in Eastern Europe.

The European Headquarters in Warwick, England employs a team of friendly, multi-lingual staff who are always on hand to provide information, literature and technical specifications on all Sodick products as well as support for our network of dealerships.