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The OPM series is a fully automatic machine which performs high precision finish machining where a metal powder is spread uniformly (recoating process), the metal powder is scanned with a laser beam to solidify the melted powder, and a rotary tool is used to perform high-speed milling. The adoption of an Yb fiber laser with a maximum output of 500W for the laser oscillator which solidifies the melted metal powder, realized high-speed metal 3D printing. Read the article about OPM250L.

Find additional information of Sodick OPM350L OPM250L/OPM350L Catalogue (

Max size of molding object (W x D x H)350 x 350 x 350 mm
X axis stroke360mm
Y axis stroke360mm
U axis stroke344mm
Data Sheet


  • Linear Motor for X, Y and Z axis
  • Linear Glass Scale Feedback
  • Sodick LN2RP Control
  • HSK-E25 Spindle
  • Automatic Laser Tool Length Measuring System (Blum)
  • Yb fiber laser
  • Fume Collector
  • Nitrogen Gas Supply Unit
  • 16-station Automatic Tool Changer
  • LAN Interface
  • Parallel cutting mode


  • MRS (Material Recovery System) unit